Jonathan is the brand tourist

“Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering”

Jeff Bezos

About Brand Tourist

We use the principles behind Secret Shopper to help our clients exceed their customers’ expectations. We know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, that’s why at Brand Tourist we critique the customer experience and evaluate engagement points along the prospect and customer pathway, reporting back performance at each and every stage.

We help you better understand target audiences and markets by first looking to frame, measure and then benchmark how customer expectations are met. By identifying gaps in performance and delivery against expectation we uncover insight to improve process, efficiency and ultimately revenues.

With 25 years of commercial experience Jonathan Webb, lead consultant behind Brand Tourist brings expertise in market research including secret shopper, insight, marketing strategy and business development.

At Brand Tourist we aim to bridge the gap between companies and their customers, brands and consumers, businesses and clients.

How we work

We know consumer experiences are rich and varied where context is a major influence.

It is increasingly difficult for brands to stay connected to their audiences, to stay relevant and fresh. We use smart techniques to drill down and explore that relationship.

Brand Tourist offers resource and expertise that designs out mediocrity and inefficiency to create solutions that deliver client & customer maximum value.

We are experienced professionals, we run projects, there is no client facing admin function, people count and relationships are precious.

What makes brand tourist different?

We hunt out good and bad examples of customer engagement, the experiences that differentiate companies and define industries. Like tourists we travel the world of branded experience highlighting good, better, best, always looking for ways to add client value.

We are experienced professionals, running our own projects, we believe that people count and relationships are precious.

People are people first and foremost

Why work with us?

In today’s climate, nothing is predictable.

Winners succeed by adapting and delivering quality culture proof points.

We help clients focus on customer expectations to mitigate against negative external forces and ensure winners win.

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